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My Mission
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Our Vision

 RISING conscious leaders for our future

Our Mission

Empowering people to align with their Life’s purpose through an authentic journey of Self love using a mind-body practice

Does your life feel like a cycle, replaying itself over and over again? Are you looking for something but not quite sure on what that is? Do you need clarity? Do you need direction?

Then it’s time to RISE…

RISE Philosophy

Where we choose to take control of our lives by accepting full Responsibility for where we are today. Where we act out of Integrity by showing ourselves that we can set an Intention and follow through with completion. Where we Love ourselves in the process of the journey, especially when it becomes most challenging. So that we are constantly growing and Evolving into our best self. Creating a life towards greater love. Greater joy. Greater peace.




Hi! My name is Rosa Rago

I am a Self-Love Expert, and Body Intuitive. I guide women on a journey of self-love towards self discovery and life purpose using a mind-body practice.

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What Clients Say

RISE is a one of a kind place to go to for you to reset and connect with who you are through their amazing spiritual services. Me and my mom have both been there and it’s made our family relationship better along with my personal businesses have increased in productivity. I highly recommend you check this place out!

Armin Schafee

I have exercised in gyms for many years – I like gyms! I have trained with many trainers over the years – I like trainers! I have worked with Rosa for 3 years – I LOVE Rosa!!! Rosa is a little uncomfortable calling herself the ‘body whisperer’ but she shouldn’t be.  My aches and pains have disappeared (mostly) – thanks Rosa.

Rob P.

You think the work you’re doing with her is in your body—and it is.  And she some how divines what you need to be doing.  At the same time, she’s really working on freeing your heart and soul.

Julian W.

Rosamaria Rago is an inspirational woman who has dedicated her life to be in service to others. She is selfless and a stand for what is possible, having made a difference in so many lives, including my own. Rosa was my savings grace. Her support, guidance, and mentorship make her an inspirational leader demonstrating what is possible in the face of adversity; a reflection of what true leadership really is . Rosa’s gift, grounded in love, is sustainable and leads to long-lasting permanent and sustainable results that allow people to truly be their authentic selves and attain their life’s purposes.

Maria G.

Meet Rosa Rago

Hi! My name is Rosa Rago and I am a Self Love Coach, and Body Intuitive.  Well, really I am here to serve offering a myriad of tools and practices. Here, you will find the resources you need to guide you on your journey to becoming your very best self.

To start, why is it important that you become your best self? Because this version of you will ultimately create the life you desire!  I am fully committed to a journey of being my best self, and there is nothing more that fulfills me in life than to take each and every person who crosses my path with me, so that together we grow more in love, joy and peace.

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