• Dandy Blend instant dandelion beverage is the only herbal coffee substitute in the United States that features both the health benefits of dandelion and the rich, full-bodied flavor, smoothness
    • texture of real coffee. Many say that, because it lacks bitterness
    • Macrobiotic, Vegan, Gluten-Free
    • Caffeine Free
    • No Acidity, No Bitterness
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  • An 8 week Core program that will help you build stronger and tone abs, while building your confidence! A great progression from the Body Mastery Program!
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  • A Great progression from the Body Mastery Program!  6 Months of training that offers variety to keep it fun while still progressing you responsibly towards a strong core, Muscle Building and Cardiovascular Fitness. This program includes the CORE Evolution Program, Body Sculpt and Body FIT!
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  • An 8 week circuit style training to build muscle and tone while focusing on function! A great progression from the CORE Evolution Program.
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  • Get the full 9 month Body Mastery Program and the CORE and Conditioning Program in ONE and save $100!
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  • A 12 week progressive foundational program to help you build confidence, improve your posture, and re-establish proper movement patterns!
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  • Body Fit

    An 8 week circuit style training to build endurance and burn fat! A great progression from the Body Sculpt Program!
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    • COMES IN A PAIR: Comes in 2 ankle weights, each pack weighs up to 5 lbs per ankle, 2 pack up to 10 lbs
    • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTS: 5 removable sand pockets for each ankle weight, each pocket weighs 0.97 lbs, total weights (each ankle weight) can be adjusted from 1-5 lbs by adding or taking out the inserts
    • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: These king-size ankle weights extend its length to 14.56’’, with easy to adjust velcro straps to provide a greater fit for ankles and wrists of all sizes
    • ADD WORKOUT RETENSITY: Add more resistance to daily workout, walking, jogging, core training, fitness, aerobics, gym and many other exercises, helping increase strength, rehabilitate muscles, improve balance, and assist physical therapy
    • QUALITY & COMFORT: Made of neoprene exterior, reinforced stitching and sturdy outer trim, you could feel its softness when hold in your hands
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    • Provides stability and balance to help with optimal alignment, deeper poses and increased strength
    • Extend, support and deepen stretches while increasing range of motion
    • Blocks are large enough to sit on comfortably for meditation practices
    • Sold as a set including a yoga block 2-pack and yoga strap
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    • Improve Yoga Stretches: Whether you're new to yoga or you just need a little extra help perfecting a difficult pose, our foam yoga block will turn you into a mater! They offer strong support, allowing you to deepen stretches, increase strength and improve balance.
    • Convenient 2-PC: Your order includes 2 yoga blocks, giving you an unbeatable value! Each measuring 8.7"x5.7"x3.7", they help you get the most out of your workout and are the ideal size for meditation. Soft and lightweight, they're a great choice for yogis on-the go.
    • Clean and Comfortable: 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly. When you're giving a workout your all, things tend to get a little sweaty. Thankfully, our odor-free yoga cushions are non-absorbent and moisture-proof,so they won't grow bacterial!
    • Durable Quality: Made of high-quality cork and featuring rounded edges, our firm yoga blocks provide you with an unbelievably soft grip! They're also slip-resistant and incredibly strong, ensuring users of all fitness levels have safe, comfortable workouts.
    • Shop Risk Free: With our popular line of yoga supplies, Reehut is one of the most trusted names in fitness! We stand by all of our products, but if these aren't the best yoga blocks you've tried, you can return your order for a full refund with our money back guarantee.
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